Top 5 Business Ideas for Polynesians in 2020!

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Welcome again to another weekly blog post on the "Alohahna View": Sharing some perspectives on health, business, and life with an Asian-Islander twist.

Today we'll be going over a few of my personal recommendations for API (Asian-Pacific Islander) entrepreneurs that are interested in taking advantage of the economic opportunites during this time frame to begin their own very business.

After doing some research, the following are the top 5 in which I personally believe anyone could thrive in, but especially the API Community. Let's check them out!

1. Baked or Savory Islander Foods.

We have so many talented cooks and bakers in our community, but we still lack the availability of these oceanic flavors for the public! It'd be nice to see more growth in the food industry for Polynesian cuisine and bakeries simply because they're delicious.

But also, because if the world knew about these delicacies: they wouldn't be able to take their hands off of them!

My favorite Samoan desserts from growing up were: fa'apapa, puligi, pani popo, panikeke, and more!

Are you more of a sweet tooth or savory fanatic?

2. Language Teaching.

When I decided to pursue educating myself on the Samoan language, I was shocked of how little resources there was available online or even locally to begin this goal. There were a few apps and books that I've come across, but they had minimal impact on a beginner's introduction. This is a perfect opening for any native speakers to create classes or a program for those wanting to improve or learn an islander language.

This can come in the form of an eBook, online course, or even YouTube channel!

3. Content Creator or Freelancer on Islander Lifestyle/Culture.

Now, this route for a business is something I'm currently working on (Hence the blog, Instagram, and coming soon to a future near you - YouTube). We can all thank the Internet for making this a possibility in the first place!

It's a virtual world where we can connect with like-minded people with the click of a button. Why not take advantage of this wonderful gift and share more about our culture with others who can relate? I'm slowly seeing an increase in Polynesian content creators, but there is ALWAYS room for more in this industry.

However, something to keep in mind is that it requires more work than the average-Joe realizes. It takes passion, time, dedication, and most of all: consistency!

You want to be able to enjoy creating the content you do for the community you're aiming for, otherwise, you will burnt out fast.

4. Tattooing/Tatau.

Islander tattoos have been on trend in design for quite some time now and will continue to flourish due to their orgins. This subject can still be sensitive to Polynesians that are more traditional based and have respect for the original ways of the Tatau, but this is still an excellent industry for those who love tattoo art in general.

Even with the controversial subjects put aside, what Polynesian tattoo artists could do is provide more education and knowledge to their clients who are unaware of the cultural background behind the art.

Often times, issues with cultural disrespect are due to lack of awareness. So let's encourage more information by promoting it ourselves to those who are uninformed!

5. Natural Health Education/Programs for Islanders.

Due to the high amount of Polynesian families that are struggling with diabeties (Type 1 or 2), obesity, and cancer: the interest for natural health alternatives has increased dramatically.

Our people have been dying from their irregular exercise, poor nutrition, and lack of education when it comes to their physical health.

Other than it simply being a exceptional business option, the future of our people truly prospering long term lies within our lifestyle choices.

If more of our API influencers could come together to bring more solutions, consciousness, and motivation to this issue - we can have healthier, longer lives together.

That wraps it up for today's blog post: Do you have any other business ideas of your own?

New blog post every Sunday. Until next time, have a great week!

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