Things Islander Moms Say.

Mother: Definition unobtainable.

For many in the Asian-Pacific Islander community - our Mothers are the prized possessions of our lives.

Based on this article written by Professor of Psychology, Scott T. Allison:

"According to surveys I’ve conducted, over 25% of Americans cite their mother as their number one hero. Fathers come in a distant second at 16%.

Moms are indeed the mother of all heroes."


Due to our cultural upbringing, Islander Mothers have a unique, "tough-love" mentality that only they can invoke feelings of fearful respect, but tenderness at the same time.

Trust me - they are the LAST women you want to mess with when things get heated. Otherwise, a nice handshake to the face will be awaiting for you. All out of love though... right?

At the end of the day - we love our Moms!

It's a personal pride of ours when we're able to shower them with gifts, time, and affection whenever the oppportunity arises.

Simply because they deserve it.

Shared by readers themselves, let's look at some of our favorite sayings and words of wisdom we hear on a regular basis from our Asian-Pacific Islander Community Mamas!

Happy Mother's Day!

Shared by Josephine:

"E fesoasoani le Atua i e , e fesoasoani i a’i latou lava" .

(The Lord helps those who help themselves.)

What a beautiful reminder to keep striving for the best versions of ourselves!

Shared by Tatiana:

"My mom always reminds me, “'Time waits for no man”'. This proverb helps me remember that time doesn’t stop for anyone. We should use it wisely since it’s the most precious commodity we have."

Time is a gift that can never be returned and is considered to be more valuable than money itself. We must always appreciate the good, bad, and sad moments because once lived - they're gone!

Shared by Angee:

"I am strong because you were strong."

As a new mother, as of November last year - I completely agree with this statement that our children bring a new sense of endurance in our lives! Parents can recieve strength from their own children to push forward during times of trial.

Shared by Kat:

"Tā ‘atu pe ‘o fakalea ‘atu, keu fanongo ‘atu ki ho le’o." (Just rang to talk and hear your voice.)

Nothing wrong with just calling to say, "Hello!". Who needs a special occasion just to chat with the ones they love?

Shared by Rose:

"My mom doesnt have a phrase but she always greets me with '"Hi ugly!" '😂 It's more of an inside joke because everyone says I look just like her so when she calls me ugly then...😂".

Gotta appreciate the Island Momma humour! We all know if they talk about your looks, it all points back to them. All jokes aside - you are both beautiful!

Shared by Morwenna:

"My mother always said, '''After laughter comes tears."'.'

Especially if you're hanging out with a bunch of Polynesians!

Shared by Pete:

"Tele atu ia te oe." (Love you more than you know.)

A Mother's love runs deeper than children will know, until the day the experience it for themselves.

Shared by Veeo:

"Ou te alofa ia te oe." (I love you.)

A universal phrase that can NEVER be said or shown enough.

Shared by Fa'afatiatama'i:

"You are altogether beautiful, my love, there is no flaw in you." Song of Solomon 4:7 ESV

Yes - we are all wonderfully and beautifully made!

Shared by Mel:

"I brought you into this world, I can take you right back out."

Like I said - don't mess with a Poly mom! They know what's up!

Shared by Alana:

"My mom always says, "'God is good"'.

Indeed - always has been and always will be!

And finally, shared by Myself:

"Muamua le Atua!" or "Put God first, and everything will follow."

My mother has yet to fail to remind my siblings and I Who to turn to at the end of the day! Love you Mom! Thank you for sowing seeds of wisdom, love, and the passion I have for my culture!

I want to say a special thank you as well to all who were willing to participate in this post!

Fa'afetai lava & Manuia le Aso Sa o Tina!

(Thank you very much & Happy Mother's Day!)

What're you doing for this Mother's Day and how can you make it the best one yet?

Thank you for tuning in for another week on the Alohahna View blog!

Stay safe, healthy, and happy!

Sincerely Yours,

Plumeria Hahn.

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