The Importance of Personal Constructive Criticism.

The topic of this week has been a direct lesson in my life that continues to be a work in progress: Self-Criticism. It is so easy to point out the flaws and errors of the world around us, but how often do we take the time to realize our own errors? When it comes to criticism, there needs to be a balance when the reflection process takes place, otherwise, it can just as effortlessly turn into deconstructive judgement on yourself. So, why is it critical to self reflect on our own choices and impacts we create?

"The Car Crash" Analogy.

Displayed in the photo above showcases a horrible collision, possibly having multiple injuries from passengers or pedestrians that were present at the scene. The protocol for law enforcement after accidents occur is to then question everyone who was involved or witnessed the event. Although the victims were present at the same time and place, how often are their accounts told 100% the same exact way? In most cases, there are many differences depending on the perspective it was spoken from. You have to consider the viewpoint of the passenger, the bystander, and the driver all share their memories based on their own standpoint.

How does this apply to you and I?

Our world is functioned off of our personal interpretation of the events around us. However, always focusing on our own lenses without regarding others' views around us can create a close-minded lifestyle. If we are constantly in the belief that our way of thinking and processing is the ONLY way to provide solutions, how will we ever learn from our mistakes? How will we ever learn of how to evolve, improve, or provide better results from the past? It's impossible! Be willing to step outside your own comfort zone and open to the other possibilities that may overpass your own knowledge of the world. You'd be surprised about what you'd find.

"Nothing so obstinatley stands in the way of all sorts of progress as pride of opinion. While nothing is so foolish and baseless." J.C. Holland.

The practice of self-reflection is a daily habit that must be implented into our lifestyles in order to gain the most results. Just like anything we want to be successful at, whether that's being an engaged parent, a flourishing musician, or a prosperous business man/woman: consistency is key.

Some basic practices you can start incorporating into your personal development journey today are listed below:

* Begin a journal. Reflect on your day to day thoughts and realizations in a written form. Keep it with you to look back on over the years. (This has been my favorite method since I was a child.)

* Start video vlogging. Due to the Digital Age we live in, we are able to record our progress in a variety of ways! "Vlogging" enables you to physically hear and see your thoughts in a third person standpoint.

* Voice record. Similar to vlogging, you can do voice memos on your current electronic devices and hear your conceptualizations.

* Engage in group discussions. Sometimes participating in group talks can encourage an individual to speak about their thoughts to others that they might not have been able to realize on their own.

Find something that suits your personality and ultimatley brings you the most joy!

As we come to a close, being real with yourself about the changes you have to make can be a difficult journey, but with the right intentions, you'll discover that it is a form of self love. Knowing when you are wrong and willing to better yourself takes not only discipline, but it requries humility. So be proud of yourself when you are able to come to this point in your personal development journey!

Or if you would like some assistance or further tips to begin this pathway: Contact me through my blog or other social media platforms!

Until next Sunday, stay blessed and look forward to further content!

Sincerely, Plumeria Hahn.

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