The Importance Of Having Healthy Conversations With Yourself.

The one individual that deserves the most time, love, and support is the one who you're with from birth to death: yourself. Whether you like this or not, this is the most vital relationship to invest in order to reach your highest potential. Let's see why developing a constructive inner dialogue will transform the way you view yourself and the world.

This life, whom I've come to learn about and experience on my own, has demonstrated to me time after time that it is operated by self perception. My awareness is completely my own, as is the next person in line to me. Our whole human existence is based off of our personal interactions with the community around us. With that being said, as we go along encountering the world, we also develop our own understanding of what that these interactions mean to us. As we ponder on that interpretation throughout different stages of life, we add more segments to our inner dialogue.

What is an inner dialogue?

In my own explanation, it is the internal conversations you have with your higher self, or conscious mind. It's the thinking process that is private and that no one else has access to except the individual. It is what I define as your "real" nature, the "real" you.

This area of your mind is where one is fully sensible of the thoughts that enter and exit your thinking process in a given moment. It's the state in which you operate with on a daily basis.

There are two versions of yourself living in the same body: First one being how the world perceives you and the second being the "real" you (Conscious brain; portion that only the individual experiences). If this concept is still confusing to grasp, try this exercise: Record yourself through video, doing or saying whatever comes to mind, and then watch the end product. This is a simple demonstration to showcase you viewing yourself in second person through your own external lenses.

Now that we acknowledged what an inner dialogue is, why is it so important to develop or maintain

healthier discussions within your mind?

Let's use the ocean as an example of a complex system to represent our thinking process. Rivers, streams, and lakes make up varied access points for water to travel to the ocean. These outlets come from all directions across the world to make it to one of the Seven Seas. When information is sent to the brain, it comes from a variety of outlets through our sensory departments: hearing, vision, touch, taste, and smell. They later register into developed thoughts that continue to adjust our comprehension of the world.

Since the brain is constantly processing details from our daily activites, awake or asleep, it's crucial to establish more control of this operation. Relating back to our inital example of an ocean, water runs through a natural cycle to maintain freshness. However, factors of pollution such as oil spills, littering, or dumping into areas of water can damage the surrounding environment drastically. The same is applicable to the mind when harmful, destructive thoughts make its way into one of the sensory outlets. Influences of suicide, pessism, and hopelessness are just a few examples that if entertained, can lead to actions that carry out those feelings. Safeguard your mind by consistently monitoring and capturing detrimental thoughts before they take place physically. If this is a reoccurring struggle for you, seek help by a professional or trusted family or friend. Don't wait for events to get worse.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and take on the new week with confidence!

Yours Truly, Plumeria Hahn.

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