Simple Ways You Can Save or Make Money Today Without Much Effort.

These are just a few recent habits I've started to incorporate into my financial rituals to make or save a few extra dollars on activities I already do on a regular basis! And who doesn't want to have a little extra cash for their savings, investments, or "fun" money?

1. Download "iBotta" and earn cashback on your groceries!

This has been one of my favorite apps recently due to the fact that you can get PAID simply for shopping! The categories are broad ranging from grocery stores, retail, entertainment, restaurants, etc.

Here's a few companies that are partnered with iBotta, just to name a few:

Costco, Walmart, Target, Hulu, Nike, Walgreens, Home Depot, Expedia, Petsmart, Chipotle, iHop, eBay, Overstock, DoorDash, Instacart, Lowe's, Any Military Commissary, and More!

When you purchase selected items from one of the companies on the app (some offers vary if you buy online), upload your receipt with a photo, and then recieve cash back!

So far, I've managed to make $5.00 only after a week simply by taking photos of my reciepts.

There's also many opportunities to make extra money on the app through referrals (inviting friends/family to download it) and challenges to help you score extra points.

If you plan on trying it out, use my referral code!


2. Use coupons from your mail or through mobile apps when you eat out!

If you take the time to sift through your mail, you'd be surprised of how many discounts and coupons are given to you for FREE.

Ultimatley, if you want to save or avoid unncessary spending when it comes to eating - stay at home and cook. Let's face the facts though: we all like to dine out from time to time.

Whether it's because we're craving fastfood, too lazy to cook, or it might be the only thing we can afford that day, why not save while you're at it?

Majority of fast food chains have their own apps that offer daily discounts!

For example, McDonald's usually offers $1 large fries on their app regularly. New deals can be given randomly to other items on the menu at any given time, so keep your eye out for the one that suits your tastebuds!

3. Create an investment account through Acorns!

The investment world can be quite overwhelming at first, especially for someone slowly educating themselves about financial literacy. If you want to enter the doorway of investing, you have to start somewhere!

I personally signed up for an Acorns account because it comes with a few perks:

Easy to use, invests your spare change when using your debit or credit card, has a robot that distributes your money in various types of investments for you (Real Estate, stocks, bonds, etc.), allows users to set up a ROTH IRA account (retirement funds), and provides education for other types of investing.

There are numerous apps out there designed for beginner investors and I highly recommend this one if you are one of them.

You can start an account with as little as $5!

Use my invite link today @

4. Open a high interest savings account!

So, you started a savings account, but are you really getting the most out of it?

The average interest rate returns for most banks sits at 0.09% APY, which is practically a few cents here and there depending how much you have set aside.

Find an online bank that provides the same purpose, but allows you to get a greater return for money that's not going to be touched.

I currently use Capital One that has an interest rate of 1.70% APY! Major difference between the average banks.

Conduct more research and you can possibly find other online banks that may offer even better rates!

5. Invest in a skill or side hustle for additional income!

Finally, this is a current goal of mine that I'm polishing up on, but it's to learn a skill that can bring in some extra revenue!

For example, I've always been passionate about photoshooting portraits of family and friends for fun in high school. We would go around town, dress up in our most stylish outfits, and coordiante creative photos for self expression.

My camera wasn't used for anything else other than for leisure, but now that I see that this hobbie can be extended towards a paid service, I've begun to do research to freshen up my photo game!

As for side hustles, most of us are familiar with other services such as DoorDash, Uber, UberEats, Postmates, etc. that allow anyone to deliver food or car rides on their spare time!

Other than the maintenance on your vehicle that concerns a few, this is another great side stream of money that can be part-time or full-time!

I've been a DoorDasher for about a year and it's convenient due to the fact I can make deliveries whenever I want to. Perfect for stay-at-home mom's or dad's!

Were these money saving tips helpful to you? Let me know!

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