Self-Reflection Update| Half of 2020.

It's been a few weeks since I've last posted on the blog about anything really, but just to keep all my loved ones and supporters in the loop - I needed to take a step back and getting my health aligned.

For a full, thorough explanation about what's been going on in life for the past month, hindering my posting on YouTube and Sunday (which will resume consistently again from here on out!):

Go ahead and check out my most recent video:

My overall health has been made the priority lately, but especially the physical portion.

Since I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, SooJin, my body has yet to fully recover back to normal, steady hormone levels.

This has caused me to struggle with Edema in my legs, ankles, and face - stressing certain organs such as my heart, kidney, and liver.

Many would be worried, but due to Le Atua's (God's) timing, He's given me the opportunity to live in a new environment that can help me focus on just that.

To be still.

To recover.

To heal.

To fully fill up my cup with the Source of life so that I continue to pour into others.

I haven't taken that time for myself in a long time and even if it takes a few weeks or possibly more, it's for a reason.

Thank you for bearing with me during this time.

Keep me in your prayers! Just know I have utmost faith that things will resolve in a natural, holisitc way and believe in miracles when we connect to the Source.

It's happened for me more than once and it can most definitely happen again.

Have you ever experienced your own miracle? If so, when, where. and what was it???

Stay tuned for continued blog posts NEXT Sunday!

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YouTube: @PlumeriaHahn

Have a blessed week everyone! Much aloha, alofa, and love to you all!


Plumeria Hahn.

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