My Islander Bucket List for After Quarantine!

I know we're all dying for the world to return back to normal: the freedom to go wherever we want, whenever we want without the subconscious fear of getting infected.

Why not create your own personal list of activities you plan on accomplishing when this pandemic stops interrupting our pace of life?

No pain in daydreaming about the next opportunity you're able to travel out to the nearest oasis, soaking in all the Vitamin D you can with 100% greatfulness this time.

Here's a few of my key essential bucket list goals for the coming future!

1. Immediatley Catch Up with Extended Family and Friends!

The most important part of my life I've missed the most during this time has been my siblings and close friends!

Surprisingly, with all this downtime, we've all still remained busy while trying to safe while quarantining. Not to mention, my Korean in-laws from California were also supposed to visit in March, but again - it had to be delayed.

We personally prefer to bond and spend quality time together in person, so technology has never been our go to source of communicating. It was and always has been weekend gatherings at someone's house.

I know for a fact, we'll be celebrating together very soon with a good old fashion BBQ at a park, playing some basketball, or sharing a cold drink while singing aloud our favorite feel-good songs.

And the hugs!!! I cannot wait to hug openly hug them all again.

2. Go to Hawaii (Originally planned for August of 2020).

My immediate family and I have been organizing this trip to Oahu for the past 2 years now. Never once would we, along with the rest of the world, have guessed that a situation as life changing as this would take place of all times!

Our reasons for traveling this year are due to visiting my great-grand parents who are well into their mid-80's with the goal in mind to take a family portrait that would have all 5-generations present.

This is a rare occurrence for many families to experience in a lifetime and we want to visit with this being possibly the last opportunity to spend with them before their time runs out. While also capturing this historic family moment forever.

3. Plug Into the Polynesian Business Networking Events That Were Cancelled/Rescheduled.

Since I've been personally aiming to expand my networking relationships in the local API-community as well as online, there were so many events that were unfortunatley cancelled during this time period.

The excitment to still connect with other Polynesian entrepreneurs remains, but I'm eager to physically engage with this community once the windows are opened again.

4. Hit Up the Gym!

The gym has always been one of my favorite places to go to for the gains (CHEEHOO), but also where I've always went to decompress from the rest of the world.

I love fitness more than just the physical benefits, but also the mental advantages I've recieved since I committed to a healthy lifestyle 5 years ago. When I was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer at 17-years-old, I was battling through a dark period of my life that progressed into me actually getting sick from the emotional strain I was experiencing.

With that being said, going to the gym became a second home to me where I could focus on bettering myself for the long term, despite some of the past traumas I endured.

Being able to go back there freely gets me so pumped for my next workout session just thinking about it!

5. Take My Daughter Out on A Hike In Mother Nature!

Currently, my daughter (SooJin Hahn), recently turned 5 months old on April 18th, 2020. I was looking forward to exploring more of nature with her once the warmer season hit since she was born in the winter months, but I've been more concerned and focused on minimizing her exposure to the virus.

I've only allowed her to travel within a mile radius (if not less) when we go for walks. Other than that, my mother-bear instincts of keeping her safe has been on high alert.

As soon as I'm given more relief about the situation with her being out and about, one of the first things I'll be doing with her is sharing a a hiking session in our beautiful Pacific North West backyard!

We can admire God's work together - stress free.

6. Visit Pac-Island Grill in Federal Way, WA!

If you're a Washingtonian and you have yet to visit this little Islander grub-stop: you're missing out! This is one of the many delicious restaurants that have been closed down for dining in, which is devestating because the atmosphere of this place is also what adds to its finesse!

They offer Polynesian classics such as:

Lolli Loli Chicken, spam musubi, Loco Moco, Ahi Poke Bowl, Kalua Pork, and more!

Other than the food itself, live performances from local musicians also take place daily. This restaurant has been a regular spot for my family for years and I truly miss stopping by for the visits.

Here's their official website @ if you're ever interested in taking a trip out to them!

Thanks again for tuning into the Alohahna View blog!

What're you excited about doing once things turn around with the quarantine life? Comment down below!

Until next Sunday, have a blessed week everyone and continue to stay safe throughout this quarantine! Sending all my love to my API-Community, supporters, and the world!

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Sincerely Yours,

Plumeria Hahn.

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