How To Stop Making Excuses For Yourself And Move Forward!

The person that has 100% control when it comes to the outcomes in your life is yourself. On the opposite side where some may be too harsh or critical on their journey, some of us don't push our limits enough in order to gain more endurance when it comes to challenging times. Why do we continue to avoid opportunities to grow and how can we break away from disadvantageous habits that restrict us from evolving mentally?

Identify Your Distractions!

Whether that's something tangible, intangible, or your own subconcious habits - take time to understand where your weaknessses lie when it comes to not getting goals accomplished. For example, I previously had an obsession with social media where I would waste precious hours of time on unproductivity. Even when I would go on a "cleanse", which required me to delete all platforms for a period of six months, I would reward myself with access to it again and the cycle would repeat.

I had to be honest with myself that my previous attempts of handling this distraction was not working and had to develop a new strategy in order to regain self control.

The majority of us have an anchor in our lives that weighs our potential down. Whether that's the people we surround ourselves around (Friends, famiy, coworkers), the activites we participate in (Netflix, social media, video games), or ourselves (internal thoughts of self doubt, overthinking, procrastination).

Regardless of what your triggers may be, the next step is critical to having long term results against those distractions.

Understand your downfalls: Why do I get distracted by these aspects in the first place?

It's important to understand our attatchments in order to find a solution. When it came to my social media addiction, I dug deeper and came to awareness that I spent hours on my phone due to one major reason: I was seeking for fulfillment in the wrong places. My personal affirmations of my self confidence was coming from comments, likes, and views for so long. I was unable to cultivate this on my own because of my emotional desire to gain the approval of others, which I feel many could relate to this discussion. Even as I write this, I see now that all non-beneficial distractions we allow in our lives are emotionally driven.

After coming to this conclusion, I now had to transfer where I felt I could recieve this same feeling, but from a healthier source.

Don't quit cold turkey! Patience is key.

Most addiction facilites that support alcohol or drug abusers would recommend the same advice: time and consistency is key to breaking any habit. Quitting "cold turkey" or removing the habit completely and suddenly, has been proven to not be effective for lifelong success. However, there has been a percentage of individuals who have the mental will power to accomplish this.

Based on a research study conducted in 2007 pertaining to cigeratte smokers published in "Nicotine and Tobacco Research":

"The study found that 68.5 percent of the smokers made an attempt to quit using the cold turkey method, and of those, 22 percent succeeded after the second contact with researchers and 27 percent succeeded after the third contact...". (Access the full article here:

No matter the direction you choose, a calculated plan could be of more value in the long run.

Invest in an accountability partner or coach!

We all need a little help sometimes and there is absolutley nothing wrong with that! Similar to a gym trainer's responibilites to help their clients achieve the body of their dreams, the same service can be given from a coach!

Especially if you're seeking support in removing a distraction from your life for the first time, having that extra encouragement can make progress faster, lasting, and concrete. If that's you and you struggle with battling against the mental aspects of today's subject: Let's talk! I would love to help you feel in control, confident, and in charge again!

Until next week, stay blessed everyone! Follow my on my Instagram and Facebook for more content.

Yours Truly, Plumeria Hahn.

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