Going Vegan/Vegetarian as a Pacific Islander: Why & How to Start!

Today is NOT the day to guilt trip my meat-eating friends or family, but rather, to raise the awareness of how incorporating more plant-based meals will drastically affect your long term health!

Changing your lifestyle overnight is impractical for anyone, however, slight adjustments over time can do the trick for about anything.

In the past few weeks, I've been transitioning to going Vegan and as a Pacific-Islander: Let's just say it has been a challenge since ALL of my immediate family are carnivores. They not only eat meat, but they LOVE it. Can I blame them? Of course not!

I was on the same boat not too long ago!

In spite of how much I enjoyed eating the occasional McDonald's hamburger, Spam Musubi, Pikaki, Pisupo, BBQ chicken (Man, just typing this out makes me hungry!), I decided to dig a little deeper, once again, about the Vegan activist movement.

The first educational documentary I watched that put me on board immediatley was, "What the Health", filmed and directed by Kip Anderson.

(If you would like to check it out - it's available on Netflix!)

This brought to light:

  • Disgusting conditions of how dairy, meat, and poultry are handled on mass production.

  • The corruption in the medical industries and how the SAME corporations (American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Susan G. Komen, etc.) who claim to be searching for cures are funding for MILLIONS to be poisoned!

  • How eating animals and their products were acquired through: taste, tradition, and culture.

And then this speech, spoken by activist Gary Yourofsky, raised even more flags of the environmental impacts the world could benefit from eating a plant based diet more often.


My goal is to help improve my community in anyway possible. The causes of these health crisises overruning my people due to lack of education and activists hurts me to witness.

At the end of the day - all I can do is lead by example and practice this message in my own lifestyle.


For more on the Vegan involvement, I would highly recommend the links above to start the education process.

Also, check out my past blog post about the health concerns in the API-Community: https://www.thealohahnaview.com/post/highest-rated-health-concerns-for-polynesians-and-how-to-lower-your-risks

Now, if at any moment you felt inspired or convicted to go Vegan: Where do you even start?

  • Take ONE step at a time!

- You can't erase everything you've grown accustomed to your whole life in one day. Begin by looking at recipes online that excite you and would be enjoyable to try out in the kitchen! Here's a few Vegan dishes I've created myself recently:

Veggie/BBQ Pizza Applecrisp Crumble (Made with local apples) Vegan Tofu-BLT Sandwich

- I plan to recreate Vegan versions of Pisupo (Corned beef and cabbage; traditional Samoan dish) and Jajangmyeon (자장면) this week! So stay tuned to see that come to life!

- Aim to make vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, or tofu as the star of your dish! Time to get creative and use the variety the Earth provides us with to get your taste buds exhilarated.

  • Join a support group of activist to keep you motivated, educated, and consistent!

- When it comes to joining a movement, you have to get involved with the right people! Although they're not all Vegan, I have an online group that was created to support one another's health goals (mentally, physically, and spiritually). We have daily discussions and do a group fast EVERY Tuesday.

- Having a team behind your back can do wonders in consistency, especially when going through extreme changes you may be incorporating into your life.

- If you would like to join our group, feel free to contact me directly through EMAIL, INSTAGRAM, or in the COMMENTS below!

  • Learn as much as you can!

- Applied knowledge is power. Research, watch, and learn. There's so much free education online and accessible at the touch of your fingertips. Thanks World Wide Web!

- Read the ingrediants on your food products and begin familarizing yourself with terminonology that determines if what you're eating is really Vegan or not.

- FInd local Vegan restaurants or options in your area! This can spark more inspiration for when you cook at home, but also be a nice treat for when you're wanting to go out.

- The more you dedicate to planning your transition, the easier it will be to follow through with a clear game plan!

All in all, the decision to go Vegan is a HUGE committment and a testing one at that.

BUT if you choose to join the movement TODAY:

You'll improve the conditions on your personal health, the environment, and save some of our earthly companions.

Wanting to start your Vegan or Vegetarian journey?

Join me in my transition process on social media! Let's do this together!

Instagram: @alohahna

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTnikzKVSSvOEq4vBJE_p7A?view_as=subscriber

Thank you again for tuning in for another week on the Alohahna View blog.

See you next Sunday!

Sincerely yours, Plumeria Hahn.

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