COVID-19 VIRUS: Is It a Blessing in Disguise?

With recent events concerning the COVID-19 pandemic AKA the Corona Virus, the media has spread more seeds of fear rather than hope.

Just within a few weeks, it has clearly impacted the world's psychological reactions (including myself at first) that are rooted in anxiety, hopelessness, and uncertainty.

But just because we don't know where the end of the tunnel is at the moment, does not mean it isn't present.

Reflecting on it now - aren't we already living life in the same exact manner? We never know what tomorrow will bring, yet when a crisis such as this occurs, our alertness to this unpredictability is reawakened.

Is this another wake up call or universal sign for humanity?

Why does it always take an event or circumstance that threatens our safety or routine to truly appreciate what's right in front of us?

As this is a health related crisis and it should definitley be taken with utmost seriousness, the system that we've grown accustomed to has truly taken away our nature of just "being" in the world.

For once, it's refreshing to witness our consumer obsessed society literally take a pause from the rat race we slave away to every day.

Work to home. Home to work. Trading time for money and money for things.

We shop online or at a local retail store to purchase items to satisfy our emotional needs of status. Then post on social media to gain affirmation from strangers or people that we can actually interact with in person, but choose to isolate ourselves away from.

Don't worry, I wouldn't mention any of the above if I wasn't guilty of it myself.

The more we become "advanced", the more distant we become to one another and eventually will cause a disconnect within ourselves.

I encourage everyone during this time of quarantine to reacquaint your mindset with what life would be like if we weren't always stuck in a high-strung, fast-paced lifestyle.

Get creative! Whether that's forming new pieces of art, music, beneficial content for others to learn from, or life itself (HAHAHAHA, kidding! But who doesn't love babies?).

We were made in the image of an amazing Creator and I am positive that is one of the numerous reasons why we were placed here on this Earth: to bring beautiful things into existance.

As threatening as this virus may be to thousands or potentially millions, maybe this is exactly what we needed at this exact time to reflect on as a species:

Who am I or who do I want to become?

What am I passionate about?

What's truly important to me if today were to be my last?

Have I lived a fulfilling life?

Am I pursuing the right pathway for myself, family, etc?

Is there anyone that I have yet to confront anything about?

When was the last time I took a proper rest period?

Why am I doing the things I do?

The questions are endless, but thankfully we all have a little time to spare to answer them on our own pace.

What are your thoughts on this situation: is it a blessing or a curse? And why do you think so?

Thanks for tuning into this week's blog post! I wish the best health and protection over every single soul out there.

Keep your head up and know even when life seems to be out of control: everything is happening precisley the way it was intended to be.

Sincerely Yours,

Plumeria Hahn.

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