7 Steps to Establishing A Routine For Success.

In this post, we'll be discussing an action plan that showcases 7 steps to organzing and executing a daily routine to set you up for long term prosperity. Our subconcious habits we operate with today will determine our tomorrow. Looking for more insightful tips to set your mind up for success? You've come to the right place!

1. Identify Your Goal.

First rule of operation when it comes to a concrete routine is having a goal to work towards. If you don't know what direction you're headed, how will you know where to start? Whether that's to lose weight, improving/mastering a skill, bettering your finances - whatever it may be - you need to have a destination for where you're going to begin the journey!

2. Know Your Reason Why.

Often times when we choose our goal, we neglect to prioritize the driving force behind it all. To keep you motivated in the transitioning of a new routine, keeping close to you the reason why you inititally wanted the change is what will keep you accountable during the time of uncomfortable adjustment. It's natural to feel "unnatural" when new lifestyle choices are taking place - and that's perfectly normal! Focus on the motive to keep you motivated.

3. Organize Your Time.

Out of all the assets in the world, the most valuable and irreplacable one is time. I remind this to my clients frequently because of how underminded this resource is spoken about. We live in the Informational Age where science has proven that the overload of information and data we're exposed to daily affects our perception of time, causing our way of life to feel "sped-up". Should we be surprised by this fact when we can easily binge watch Netflix for 3 hours straight or spend the same amount of time on social media? I think not. Some benefical ways to properly manage your time is to invest in a calendar (paper or digital), know your current schedule on an average day, and using it to plan accordingly for a new routine. Each person varies and a "one-size-fits-all" answer will not work for everyone. This step requries crucial experimentation for what works for your brain processing as well as self reliance.

4. Remove Your Distractions.

Whatever has caused you to not follow through with past goals or new changes that were wanting to be implemented, recognize them immediatley and begin the removal step! Ultimatley, if something does not get accomplished, the biggest reason why would be ourselves. "When there's a will, there's a way" holds true to its saying. Don't give yourself a reason to use an excuse to avoid getting a routine aligned. Eliminate all factors that could be used for self-destruction. You want a better body? Don't buy those cookies on Aisle 4. You want more quality time alone with your spouse? Get a babysitter every Friday for date night. You want that job promotion? Stop staying up late, get adequate rest, and show up on time for work. You want to build a business? Educate yourself of how to get it started! Change begins once you start discipling yourself away from your usual mindset.

5. Incorporate The Right Habits.

Now that you've recognized and started to remove distractions, it's now time to add in constructive habits! What kind of actions should you be practicing that's directly connected to your goal? I use fitness as a prime example when it comes to successful routines. Too many of us in modern times are wanting instant gratification, especially when everything is at the swipe of a finger. To gain muscle mass, one needs to eat a specific diet (depending on their current physical state) that is primarily protein, vegetables, fruits, and healthy carbs. Next to nutrition is incorporating an effective workout regimine! These new patterns, if applied daily with consistency, will rewire your brain and transform your body over time. During this period is when you will experience the most discomfort because your mind is undergoing a transition! No matter how uncomfortable it gets - keep moving forward!

6. Be Intentional With Every Day.

Now this step specifically is what will determine how long you will stay determined during this journey. The practice of "Mindfulness" (check out my previous blog post regarding this topic) contains the untapped potential within yourself. It's the hidden power to accomplish anything you put your mind and energy towards! By being intentional and aware of your consciousness, at the best of your ability, will help you make more decisions with control. If you cannot restrain yourself from past habits, you won't be able to stay on track with new practices. "Mind over matter" is the mantra I tell myself every day when battling against my old ways. In personal development, that is who you are constantly at war against - who you were yesterday. Set the tone every time you wake up for what you're wanting to achieve, visual the steps to take, and then start the walk!

7. Enjoy The Process!

In conclusion with these steps, truly appreciate the process! Change is never easy, but it doesn't have to be gruesome just because you're not used to it. When you shift your mind to a state of joy during times of challenge, you'll find it more pleasant and fulfilling for when you push through mental barriers. It'll make your testimony for when you accomplish the deed more authoritive, inspiring, and influential to those who are working on the same goal.

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Yours Truly, Plumeria Hahn.

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