7 Islander Lifestyle Tips to Boost Positive Energy

If you have ever been to the Islands of Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti, Fiji, along with many others - you would know of the magnetic aura these magical clunks of land hold out in the Pacific Ocean. What about these places draw so many tourists other than the beautiful scenery, luxury hotels, and diverse cullinary selections? Let's take a deeper look into how people who live in Paradise also generally percieve life with a more uplifting perspective.

1. "Hang loose" is More Than Just a Saying, But a Mindset.

Everywhere you go, the locals on the Islands always have a very laid back demeanor when going about their routines. Each day is a blessing and meant to live with purpose, but also to remain in a peaceful state of mind knowing a Higher Power, whatever that looks like to you, has the Universe under order. If you struggle with control and riding the waves of life with more freedom, practice mindful relaxation. Not everything deserves your energy to be stressed out about, so select where you place your focus more wisely and learn to let go of negative anchors.

2. Laughing is the BEST Medicine!

If you're ever feeling down in the dumps and need something to desperatley revive your mood, have a comical session with some family, friends, or by watching a funny TV show! While growing up, going to a luau (BBQ or family gathering) always managed to bring the clown out in everyone. Embrace this emotion of pure joy and it will reward you with some endorphines, leveling up your self-esteem instanteously. Check out these popular Samoan comedians that provide some light hearted jokes. Remember always that humour varies on each individual, so find something that suits your taste!

3. Vitamin D Is A Friend to You and Me!

It's a proven scientific fact that the "Sunny" vitamin, also known as Vitamin D, has direct correlation to your mood. Hence why people who live in more tropical or sun dominant regions do not struggle as much with the following psychological and physical issues: Sickness/Infections, Fatigue/Tiredness, Depression, Anxiety, Bone Loss, Hair Loss, etc. Take advantage of the sun while it's out, especially if you live in colder areas around the world. Gather more of this souce from foods and drinks like orange juice, fatty fish (mackerel, tuna, and salmon), and egg yolks to balance out your body's chemical levels for this natural revitalizer. Below is a link to 9 Foods High in Vitamin D for more ideas. Otherwise, speak with a trusted medical advisor for other efficient sources.

4. Create Your Own Paradise by Decorating!

That's right - if you're into interior design or DIY projects, create your own oasis in your home! The most important space I believe to start off with would be your room: positive affirmations on the walls, themes that excite you whenever you walk through the doors, additional lighting like Himalayan salt lamps to establish a soothing affect. There are countless routes you could go with this project that could expand your creative soul onto the physical walls you see every day. Manifest your own personal sanctuary with this tip! Look at my tapestry I just recently set up on my bedroom wall. It makes me feel at peace with the colours, design, and textures. <3

For my 21st birthday this year, my mom bought me this beautiful tapestry we purchased at the Washington State Fair for $25. You can find pieces like these at flea markets or online with more selections to choose from.
A gift my mom purchased at the Washington State Fair for my 21st birthday this year.

5. Open Your Ears to the Perfect Melodies.

Although I don't necessarily listen to Reggae or traditional hula tunes on the regular, the art of music is an immense part of what makes Polynesian culture so alluring. It was used in ancient times during various events of entertainment, celebrations, and war. Similar to what it's purposed for today. The bottom line is that music helps to engage specific emotions depending on the style being performed. If you listen to solemn, slow paced songs with lyrics that describe the feeling of loneliness, I'm pretty sure you're going to open doors to that particular mood. Use this strategy to your advantage and explore musical domains that make you experience heavenly bliss. My current genre in 2019 that I gravitate towards for this impact is LoFi HipHop: a therapeutic style incorporating gentle beats to calm the mind. What's yours?

6. Welcome Or End the Day With A Moment of Gratitude.

There is always something to be thankful for the moment you open your eyes from a night's rest. The level of gratitude can vary from each individual, but no regardless, shifting your personal viewpoint will always aid you to see the cheerful side of life despite any circumstances. Whether that's fresh accessbile drinking water with basic living essentials or accomplishing a long term goal such as purchasing your first home. By doing this simple adjustment to your thinking, you are showcasing self control over obstructive mental tendencies. Reflect on your own and transfer your thoughts of appreciation into an outlet of your choice. Some examples that I personally use to express this sentiment would be journaling, prayer, or a form of art.

7. Associate With Your Local "Tribe".

My uncle just sent this recently in a message to me emphasizing the importance of assocation. It is an understatement of how much of an impact that the company you choose to interact with can drastically make or break you. Socializing isn't always the easiest task, but with the right vision of where you would like to be in terms of positive manifesting, you must surround yourself with a "tribe" or community that will get you there. Challenge yourself to reach out to people who inspire you to pursue your dreams, that invoke your creativity, and encourage you towards making better decisions for your well being.

I hope I was able to bring some insightful information for you!

Yours truly, Plumeria Hahn.

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