7 Benefits Of An Afakasi/Interracial Upbringing.

Ever felt like you were stuck between two worlds as an "Afakasi" or interracial Samoan? Trust me - you are not alone. With the identity crisis put to the side, growing up mixed indeed has its perks when your blood runs from both (or multiple) sides of the river. Let's look at some of the major benefits that you should be proud of when it comes to be being an Afakasi!

1. Your understanding of humour is diverse.

Jokes come in all shapes, sizes, and levels (depending on the audience being targeted). Growing up in multiple social settings has given you a broader sense of comedy aspects. When you're always able to find something to laugh about in a time where most are on edge, you can stir up more uplifting memories outside of your own race. Understanding ones' cultural humour allows you to have a deeper bonding connection since the activity itself is so positive.

And who doesn't like a good laughing session? It is after all - medicine for the soul!

2. The "Chameleon" is your spirit animal.

Shifting your mind from one group to another has given you the ability to adapt to your surroundings, very similar to Charles Darwin's theory of "Evolution". Adjusting your body language, conversation lingo, and connection skills is a great quality to have, especially in the business world! You are not limited to who you're able to find impactful relationships with, expanding your horizons of personal influence on those individuals.

3. You are able to understand different cultural concerns.

As you adapt to various types of races, you are also able to put yourself in their shoes when they express passionate viewpoints in their communities. With the media always encouraging seperation among the people, you can be in a neutral state of mind when hearing about these discussions because you belong on both sides.

Use this advantage to create bridges rather than burning them! Create effective discussions to unite communities.

4. You are living proof of how our ancestors dismissed racial differences.

We weren't there to witness the full story, but the point is: you're here. Meaning somewhere along the line in your ancestral history, someone(s) in your family was willing to put aside contrast of cultures and... mate. There are a lot of factors to why it could've occurred, but let's focus on the positive ones that were based on forbidden loves! It's nice to come across stories that showcase bravery and sacrifice despite societal norms. What we can Afakasi's can learn is that love conquers all evil, differences, or judgements.

Let's love more and hate less!

5. Your physical traits are unique and one of a kind!

When you have a diverse genetic bloodline, the combinations of your appearance are endless. For me personally, I generally classify as being Samoan and Hawaiian. However, if you want to get all "21 and Me" technical, my overall inherited makeup can be drawn from 17+ cultures from around the world.

I quickly get mistaken for being Latina, Middle Eastern, and Hindu Indian than Polynesian.

If you've encountered the same conversations, what races are you accidently taken for?

6. You have more options when exploring your historical heritage.

It's amazing to know that there have been generations upon generations that have led up to the current population. There are stories that have been told, hidden, or forgotten over time. If you ever get the spark to investigate who and where you came from, imagine the fun you'll have when learning about your ancestor(s)!

Due to your mixed background, the roadmap to who is in your bloodline could lead you other parts of your past you might not even be aware of. Take advantage of the resources you have available to get started on your blast to the past.

7. You are your own sub-culture!

And finally - you are your own unique section of society!

Being different and set a part can be a struggle to some who aren't able to appreciate themselves to their fullest extent. Especially to those who haven't experienced proper self-love. Remembering that you are fearfully and wonderfully made is what will empower you at the end of the day. We were all placed on this Earth for a reason, whether we understand it or not. Don't let others, or your inner voice, make you think that you are anything less of special!!!

What're your thoughts on this week's post? Let me know what you think!

Until next Sunday, have a blessed week everyone and continue to stay safe throughout this quarantine! Sending all my love to my API-Community, supporters, but the world!

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Sincerely Yours,

Plumeria Hahn.

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