Samoan, Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur, and Personal Development Influencer for the API (Asian-Pacific Islander) Community.


To God be all the glory, my mission for the content I share on social media (The Alohahna View blog, Instagram, and YouTubeare catered to uplifitng my Polynesian people towards a direction of all around success in personal development. Especially to the those interested in pursuing their own businesses. 

The end goal is to create more education and awareness for modern API individuals to begin their legacy through the movement of entrepreneurism. I believe God wants us to live in abundance, not only in the Spirit, but in every aspect of our lives. 

Ultimatley, materials are only temporary in this world, but the impact of becoming the ultimate server will remain forever.  True success lies in the priniciples we live by and the integrity we forge by the lifestyles we create.