About the Blog

Aloha, Talofa,안녕하세요 and Hello! 


My name is Plumeria Hahn. 

I am a wife, mother and Polynesian entrepreneur. An advocate for all around healthy living and encouraging Asian-Pacific Islanders to create their own legacy by starting their own businesses! 

This is a personal lifestyle blog and recording of my progress in my entrepreneur journey as an "Afakasi" (mixed Samoan) woman living in the United States.

Follow me in this process and let's not forget the most imporant key to success is: MUAMUA LE ATUA.  

What kind of content will be accessible to you? 

EVERY Sunday, I'll transition from four main subjects: 

"Fitness and Nutrition Made Simple."

"Entrepreneurship and Money Saving Tips". 

"Mindset Habits for Success". 

"Cultural Background: Samoan and Korean Family in the U.S."